About Our District 

Canada Census - Cochrane District Community Profile 2016


Population: 79,682 (-1.8% from 2011)

Land area: 141,268.51 km2 (54,544.07 sq mi)

Population density: 0.6/km2 (1.6/sq mi)

Total private dwellings: 37,974

What is the Cochrane District Social Planning Council's Role? 


The CDSPC’s mandate is to enhance and participate in social development in the larger context of community planning by: promoting community discussion on social and economic issues, information gathering and sharing, advocacy and social awareness. 

In 2016, the population was 79,682. The land area of this district is141,268.51 square kilometers. Cochrane District, Ontario is a district and census division in Northeastern Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario. It was created in 1921 from parts of Timiskaming and Thunder Bay.